Anger is a blessing, provided you learn to channel it to transform it into something powerful.


😡Anger is a natural human emotion.
😡Anger doesn’t have to be damaging or abusive.
😡In fact, anger used constructively can be critical to building the kind of world we want to live in.

“Anger is just an energy and all energy can be transformed.”
-Marie Forleo

I believe that the emotion of anger is present even to make us transform it into the most powerful transformation of energies that any other emotional can serve us with.

Haven’t you experienced this ever? You must have.

3 Steps to channel ANGER into a FORCE for GOOD:

  1. FEEL IT

🌼Take a really deep breath and see if you can feel that energy somewhere in your body.
🌼Just like you know how excitement can sometimes feel like butterflies in your belly.
🌼Typically it only lasts just a few seconds, from where you would learn that pain is short-lived, and so could deal it better.


🔶Get curious and ask yourself,
🔸what exactly do you feel angry about?
🔸What do you feel is wrong right now?
🔸And, more importantly, why?


🔶It’s about answering:
🔸What do you think should happen instead?
🔸What positive action that you might want to take to help yourself?
🔸Is there something that you might want to share with others?

“Use that anger. You write it. You paint it. You dance it. You march it. You vote for it. You do everything about it.”
-Dr. Maya Angelou

Sending ‘healthy anger’ vibes.😉


  1. Very good steps and very often they lead to answering and changing something in my life- practise. But sometimes, when I have felt and looked and looked very long, the problem fades: I mean it is not solved and I did not act in any way. I then think ‘how cracy I was’! I feel, that it was not worth to be angry. I just can leave it.

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    1. I guess, you found nothing because you are looking at the wrong place, may be the source of your anger is something you are reluctant to admit as your fragility. It’s literally okay! but the good part is you are not reluctant to accept that you were angry. Moreover, the best part is you want to get control on it, rather anger getting control on you, you are certainly on the right path. Good luck! Sending ‘soul-searching’ vibes 🙂

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  2. Great article. Anger has often been my motivator….when I was settling for less, not setting a boundary, etc. the emotion rising up let me know there was something for me to deal with and change. Sometimes I’d use rebirthing breathing and harness the anger, breathe deeply into it and let movements that arose harness my courage and strength and inner power to make changes. Sometimes the anger and breathing would move me into a standing up Lion, roaring. I appreciated moving out of victim, hopeless, helpless to empowered and strong….ready to take action.

    I love your simple steps. Very productive.

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    1. At times, I can’t figure out that – how, what i am writing is feeling so justifiably to my soul? And today when I’m reading your comment, actually it felt so relatable that some fashbacks made me realize that, yes! this was my source of going for it.
      Thanks for reading and giving such kind feedback. Yes, I’m taking baby steps because I’m not that sure about my point of view, yet. But such comments and feedbacks are kinda sources of approval. Makes me feel like, maybe I’m not doing the best but yes I’m not doing it the wrong way, even. Which actually matters in the long run. RIGHT!☺

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      1. You are doing a great job. People read your blog to hear YOUR voice. There is no wrong or right. Just be authentic and follow your guidance and you’ll be fine 🙂

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  3. I have come here because of Parneet’s reblog. What a great post! You made the right points. Anger is nothing bad, it can be relieving to let go of pressure and it is a signpost too. We need to look at it, see where the anger comes from, make a change (maybe only in our attitude), and transform this strong energy from destructive into something constructive!

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      1. I love that statement “we must grow, wherever planted”. I am posting daily quotes from Monday through Friday. On Wednesdays I am always sharing a guest quote. Would you allow me to share your words?

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      2. That’s wonderful. Thank you very much! It can take a few weeks until the quote is published. But you will receive a pingback once it.
        I feel honored. thank you!

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