Mental investment has the potential to curb the stigma of mental illnesses. Theme of World Mental Health day, 10 October 2020 was “Mental health for all, Greater investment- Great access”. I have never thought that I had to talk about this “NEW NORMAL” once again. Since 1994 when the theme was “Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services throughout the World” , these themes manage to stay focused and maintain productive momentum towards, yet temporary but badly affecting mental health of the majority all over the world.


Non- pandemic time of 2019’s World Mental Health theme was somewhat quite personal, particular mental health issue- “Mental Health promotion and suicide prevention”, when I was totally inclined towards the mindset of: ‘ No one saves us, but us ourselves’.

Since this pandemic the matter of concern is, depressed minds of the people due to the continuity in circumstances; stressful environment of isolation, social distancing, unorganized work places and studying spaces. The affected people are not even countable, as we all are facing it together though separately.

Initially, I found both the themes depending upon the times, really distinct, but every passing day in lockdown, mindsets evolved and concept of dealing with it as well.

Solution to both the themes was even though the same, because we ourselves are the last resort to our mental well-being anyhow. But this time, the one who is suffering with mental illness must look around and wisely acknowledge that there are plenty of people out there suffering the same. Try to learn from others stories, you will for sure find someone more headstrong than you while coping the same stress, so don’t get disheartened at all . Just stop feeling bad for your pain and start focusing on cure. Then if you find one, do display your personal struggle accompanying with your unique way out because there must be someone like you looking for that very solution to click for their problem.


Every time mental health solutions use to begin with the struggle to make people accept that there exists a solution called mental well-being. In earlier (non-pandemic) times when we people had all physical means to distract themselves from any of their struggles, they use to put the responsibility of their well-being on their suitable distractions. This later concluded to be really unhealthy for their mental well-being. We use to ignore the source of our struggle and trained our minds to jump into some materialistic solution.
But in the lockdown eventually, when there are not much physical and materialistic means left to solve our problems, people started acknowledging the existence as well as the importance of a healthy mindset.


Today’s time when people don’t have money to spend event to meet their basic necessities, spending on lavish lifestyle wisely with a mindful saving strategy for a safe and secure future is out of the picture undoubtedly. We are left only with assets called hope, courage, strength, self-belief and patience. So why not do something with what we have, rather than counting on what we don’t!

It’ll become really hard for us to survive if when we start believing that, I have been cursed with the Universe’s most tragic trouble. I know life is never fair, but it’s not even that prejudice to let us suffer all alone. So as this pandemic, everyone is suffering in its own unique way- some from the loss of their loved ones not even saying them good bye, some from financial crises, some from personal crises, others from lock-down loneliness and leftovers with the sufferings I may not recognize yet. And a suffering becomes quite easy to accept if we find ourselves accompanied by a sufferer with the similar trouble. Point is not to feel better, seeing someone else suffers but not to feel all alone in you’re kind of suffering.

If a problem can hit people at large with its versatility to affect, similarly a solution can even heal people at large with its versatility. By investing in the assets (hope, courage, strength, self-belief and patience) we still possess despite of our personal and financial crises, and letting our co-sufferers know our personal ways of investment in our referred assets during our downfall, we can try to pull them out from their insecurities that they are all alone in this bizarre trouble. By this we’ll get access of countless minds dealing with deteriorating mental health conditions with every passing day.


Turning point in a struggle is, when you eventually accept the situation you are in, and stop feeling self-pity and acknowledge that every trouble has a way out, so do mine. Acceptance is an ongoing process, it’s not like crying and over thinking all night long, and you’ll wake up next morning and find yourself feeling better after making an anxious decision of not spending a second more on the crap you are going through.

Firstly, struggles are not crap. Struggles are pathways to our acknowledgement, regarding the extent of the assets we possess. And now when you have found the existence of those assets within you, you are ready to invest in it, by boldly walking through all your struggles and coming out with a hardcover personality every single time without letting your inner peace getting affected.
Secondly, acceptance is when you stop searching for the reasons of your struggles and peacefully go for a search to find out the solution to your struggles.


  • Acknowledge the source of your mental weakness like frustration, anger, mood-swings.
  • Don’t hold your emotions back, cry if feel so. Just let it come out.
  • Calm our self, control your breath, concentrate our mind to a peaceful place ( happy moments or good times in past or better life in future).
  • Think, how long you are in this mental illness, does your struggles got affected by you being in that condition( answer would be a big No).
  • Go search for a solution, don’t feel stagnated anymore.


Nothing is worth your mental health because in the end no one bothers, everyone is busy fighting their own battles, like you. Stop playing blame games. Stop putting responsibility of your well-being on some circumstances or on someone else’s shoulders. Situations will never be as per our demands; there will be every time something somehow, unpredictable unwanted. Learn to deal with it.
Don’t forget, you possess that capability to fight all the highs and lows of your life, like till now. Most importantly, stop existing with a stagnant mind, and start living with a healthy mindful mindset.
Love your life, life will love you back.


Selective lines from: HAM PAR TUMHE CHAAHANE KA- Hope oriented (the pandemic)

Here is a beautiful verse of ,Faiz Ahmed Faiz with the message of hope, just said differently.

dil naa-ummiid to nahi.n, naakaam hii to hai
lambii hai gham kii shaam, magar shaam hii to hai
दिल ना-उम्मीद तो नहीं, नाकाम ही तो है
लम्बी है गम की शाम, मगर शाम ही तो है

(the heart isn’t hopeless, after all…it is only helpless
the night of sorrow is (admittedly) long, but it is only a night…after all!)



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