BELIEVE ME- It’s not easy to be me as “she”


    1. WHO WOMAN

      This woman,
      She is one of a kind.

      You may not know her,
      but you surely recognize her.

      She’s perfect as well as imperfect,
      She’s sunshine as well as sheer madness.

      She makes everyone groove to her rhythm,
      And blows everyone with her vision.

      You must have seen her all moods:
      The butterflies, the quiet highs, the stupid smiles, the screaming cries, the messy fights, and then the emotional nights.
      And considered her just quirky at times.

      But no matter what, she got courage which all adore,
      This is why she’s bold for some and gemstone to more.

      She’s a rule-breaker, trailblazer, game changer,
      But sometimes, she needs someone to applaud her that – “she is more than stronger.”

      So, what if you don’t know their reality,
      she’s a woman, one of a kind.

      How’s this?

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