#16 HE FOR SHE, CELEBRATING INTERNATION WOMEN’S DAY, 2021, with 21 matter series


He For She is a social movement campaign providing a systematic approach and targeted platform through which men and boys become agents of change for the achievement of gender equality.


Achieving gender equality requires an inclusive approach that both recognizes men and boys as partners for women’s rights, and acknowledges how they stand to benefit from greater equality.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson introduced the campaign to the world in 2014.


I have already discussed feminism and gender biases, in this ongoing series but still, I am receiving so many queries related to how feminism could resolve gender biasness, what role a male could play, the crux was:

“How male community could be a part of the gender equality drive?”

Emma Watson’s messages from her UN Women speech on- “HE FOR SHE”

✨”I decided I was a feminist and this seemed uncomplicated to me”
(means, determination paves a smooth path towards accomplishment)

✨“Gender equality is your issue too”
(means, a man is also a sufferer of gender biasness and thus he should be a part of the movement)


⚡The male community says society (patriarchy) is the issue.
⚡Society says the male community is the issue.


The first thought that stuck to everyone’s mind regarding the role of a man in a woman’s life is:

✨Stand in cover to protect her.
✨Stand behind to have her back.

✨Stand beside, hand in hand.



An imbalance in give and take could be really exhausting for the ‘he and she’ relationships to thrive.

Now, the question arises, how much is considered “genuine”?

⚡When no one is an authoritative power.
⚡When you feel grateful for other’s efforts.
⚡When you are satisfied to serve a helping hand.

Balanced participation leads to everyone’s prosperity, whosoever is involved in the situation.


Despite emotions being the strongest trait in a woman, at times she gets tired and calls for an emotional backing.

He may show emotional support to her by offering:


He enables lift her emotionally interfering social and emotional support.


A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform the world.

Women live feeling more in touch with their femininity, their self-worth, trusting their intuition, and more connected to embracing who they are.

His belief will be an experience of a flow of empowerment and liberty.



  1. ♡ I Totally Agree, also, as a Writer, I THINK!!! ‘Gender Equitability’ is More Accurate than “Gender Equality”; semantics perhaps yet strictly speaking there is a subtle difference…as a Man here is One of My Favourite Feminist Quotes, “The thing is, it’s PATRIARCHY that says men are stupid and monolithic and unchanging and incapable. It’s PATRIARCHY that says men have animalistic instincts and just can’t stop themselves from harassing and assaulting. It’s PATRIARCHY that says that men can only be attracted by certain qualities, can only have particular kinds of responses, can only experience the world in narrow ways. Feminism holds that men are capable of more – more than that.” ~ Nirmuhla


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    1. Beautiful quote. Exactly, patriarchy instead of indirectly highlighting the superiority of a man even depicts that men are over-analyzed.
      According to me, once the male community will stop enjoying the privileges served to them by this patriarchal society, we will be left with parity.
      Tones of appreciation for sharing such a kind opinion. 😇

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      1. ♡ You ARE most Welcome; please Allow Me to Expand on ‘Gender Equitability’ as opposed to “Gender Equality”…the reality is that Genders Differ in Physique, Physiology and Psychology; consequently Utopian “Gender Equality” is a Noble, Worthy Pipe Dream with the Best of Intent while ‘Gender Equitability’ is The Reality Encapsulating Much, such as:

        ◇ Recognition of ALL Genders NOT!!! just Girls and Boys
        ◇ Acknowledgement of The Unique Qualities of Each Gender, for example Boys ARE UnAble to Conceive, Carry to Term and Give Birth
        ◇ “Equal” Opportunities


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      2. Totally agree..
        But why do we have to even talk about genders as categories.
        U know discrimination takes place from the very point, we start talking about discrimination.
        Discrimination even categorizing, the existing communities.
        Why not address anything collectively, to all, of every size and shape, with diverse traits.

        Why not have one category- “HUMAN”, with traits of humane.

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      3. ♡ These are “categories” determined by Mother Nature; as I said “Boys ARE UnAble to Conceive, Carry to Term and Give Birth” only Girls can do that…if We Keep Our Heads Buried in The Sand by Insisting We ARE ALL The Same, especially within specific “Gender Categories”, it’s a Train Wreck waiting to Happen…the Supreme Quality of Being “”HUMAN”” is Our “Humane” Appreciation of Diversity with ALL its Attendant Strengths and Weaknesses; only Dictators Demand “One Category” Being Uniformity meaning Conform or Get Punished Even Executed


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      4. ♡ “Discrimination” starts with Parents, Teachers and Other Authorities; it has NoThing to do with “categories” and EveryThing to do with an Individuals Psychological Profile, The Way We Perceive Things to be


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      5. Discrimination is the rule book given to the one intended to suppress.
        It doesn’t matter who’s doing it. What matter is that who gave anyone, that invalid authority to suppress someone.
        “That someone is a category.”

        If you disagree, me categorizing communities,
        “The one who’s suppressing- oppressor is another category.”

        Whether you take it this way or the other, if any one of us holding our superiority have a mindset that, the other person needs to proceed as per our guidelines.
        “We are categorizing”
        Title that category, as you wish.

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      6. I’m talking about parity when we talk about assigning power, serving opportunities, putting encouragement boost.
        Obviously, there is no parity anyhow.

        One category is asked by, who’s ready to share, space and authority without being insecure of losing their existence.
        I’m getting what you are trying to say, it’s right from your perspective as well.
        And agree with your thought process, because your intent is the same as mine.
        Today I feel that parity can be achieved in many ways.
        Lesson learnt for me😇

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      7. ♡ I Hear YOU!!! Loud and Clear but I AM UnCertain if YOU!!! Hear Me; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Cognitive Dissonance is at The Heart of ALL Conflict…when Our Beliefs ARE Put to The Test with Challenges Our Initial Response is to Justify and Defend even Attack; in Summary I Have said:

        ◇ Recognise The Reality of Diversity
        ◇ “Equal” Opportunities For ALL
        ◇ Admit, Acknowledge and Address MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) especially Cognitive Dissonance and Delusion because that is where The Solution lies and NOT!!! in Tweaking a DisCredited System to Suit OurSelves; many who start out with Benevolent Intent become Dictatorial due to MMHI


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      8. I had this, aptitude- understanding, optimistic, reasonable, kindhearted approach to calculate another person’s point of view( what you called MMHI).

        But today for me either a person is ryt or wrong. No midway.

        More v find excuses to justify someone’s invalid rationale decisiveness, we start getting away from the righteousness.
        Crux: if it’s not absolutely right, it’s s absolutely wrong.

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      9. ♡ Spoken like a Dyed in The Wool, Deluded, Dictator-In-Waiting, Black and White NO!!! Grey, “Right or Wrong” NO!!! Discussion, a Diety Complex and “MMHI” refers to Mental Health in General NOT!!! just “point of view”; this is My Final Contribution to this thread as I Have said ALL I Need to say and ALL My Comments Remain to be ReRead by any who desire understanding rather than CONTROL!!!



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