#17 BORN EQUAL, CELEBRATING INTERNATION WOMEN’S DAY, 2021, with 21 matter series


Gender parity is equality between all people, regardless of their:

✨GENDER (the patriarchal binary approach to gender )
✨SEXUALITY (the degree to which they conform with gender norms)


UNICEF data depicts:

⚡Nearly 1 in 4 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 are neither employed nor in education or training – compared to 1 in 10 boys.

⚡Some 1 in 20 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 – around 13 million – have experienced forced sex.

⚡Some 650 million girls and women around the world have been married as children.

⚡Over 200 million have undergone female genital mutilation.


Gender Action Plan 2018-2021

The Gender Action Plan (GAP) 2018-2021 is UNICEF’s roadmap for promoting gender quality throughout its work, in alignment with the organization’s Strategic Plan (2018-2021) and support of its contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Discrimination made women:

✨Enthusiastic, in discovering their actual strength.
✨Courageous, enough to corner the oppressors.
✨Righteous, in justifying their existence.


Despite the immense hardships, we are not achieving the desired outcomes.

I. WRONG PERCEPTION- ‘Anti-men movement’

Mostly, it’s been presumed that ‘women’s rights are gained at the expense of men’s-IT’S WRONG

A recent WHO report comparing 41 European countries found that men’s health was poorer in more gender-unequal societies.

In more gender-equal societies men are half as likely to be depressed, less likely to commit suicide, have around a 40% smaller risk of dying a violent death.

II. UNDUE EXPECTATIONS- ‘Legal backing is sufficient’

People often believe that our society doesn’t have problems with these issues, as long as women have legal rights.

The legal establishment of these rights is not enough until there is:

⚡Societal prejudice
⚡Invalid expectations
⚡Demoralizing attitude

“Nothing will work unless you do” – Maya Angelou

III. CONVENIENCE- ‘Patriarchy’

Gender equality is somehow a social, cultural aspect.

Gender is a function of power relations between men and women where men are considered superior to women.

Instead of encouraging children to fight social inequality, society teaches a woman to make choices for herself –

“Where your emotions won’t distract you from your so-called duties.”


Despite of being born equal, the discrimination women face on daily basis, can never be expressed in words. I can only say- it makes you feel helpless.

A woman would know the ground of discrimination anyhow, even know the solution somehow, but still fail to work out the desired conclusion.

We keep on saying, physical appearance doesn’t matter, but in this issue, when only physical appearance is the actual difference, does it so matter to cost a free soul?

I have gathered some of my scattered experiences, what however hit me after listening to countless gender discrimination examples and tried to jot it down in a kind of poetry, (if it seems so…) for those who think, a woman less than a man.


If you call me a duty,
Then stop gawking at my beauty.

If you call me an affliction,
Then stop craving my affection.

Despite me being to you a complication,
You run your generation on my creation.

I’m a blessing, but not the one for you.
I’m a woman


  1. Well articulated post.. 😊😊 Thank you Madam for sharing..!!
    Would like to share a couple of points, if that’s OK with you.
    1. Discrimination: I don’t agree to the point that discrimination could be a blessing in disguise. Discrimination is the root cause of many dangerous and evil outcomes. It’s saying that a person should contract a disease to understand it and work hard for her/his health later on. Why not be healthy now? Discrimination cannot be excused.
    2. Feminism: Agreed. It’s basically a movement for equal rights of women. Unfortunately, few bad eggs have twisted the aim of feminism to be directed wholly against men or indulge in vices which men practice to be “equal” to men. Feminism in its true form is devoid of any misandry, rather, it is needed for men’s benefit as well. Toxic patriarchy suppressed men as equally as it suppresses women.
    Loved the short poem you shared in the end.. 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure 🙏
      It’s always good to converse on this subject.
      1. When one is oppressed, either she’ll herself get dominated or take it as a challenge to prove her existence. In my blog, I’m talking about the later situation.
      There is a saying that- A bird born in a cage, thinks flying is illegal, I guess Maya Angelo said it. Same as with a woman, since birth, we are said to do things in a way that is most of the women doing even imagine that they can or even should do this for no reason but because they should…so simple.
      Take an example, of driving – considered to be a male thing, who said a woman need not drive, just unnecessary implied norms.
      I guess I went with the flow, but yes with every passing day when a woman grows, she smells a sense of invalid dominance. Which leads a woman to stand tall for herself and say she need no one to have her back.
      No offense but the male community is served with opportunities, which the female community has to create on its own.
      And this is the real reason of women ruling the whole planet in all possible streams.
      CRUX: The more we corner someone, the more they will flourish.

      2.Totally agree, that men are even suffering from patriarchy, but on the bigger picture and every few from the community realize it.
      But in the first place, the male community enjoys the privileges of superiority image and opportunities, which I told earlier even.
      The bad part is very few good souls like you even realize that patriarchal society is bad for them as well.
      And who don’t realize, support the patriarchal society, and that further leads to discrimination.

      Now if we take about feminism as not good for men, you are being a contradictory gentleman.
      Because patriarchy and discrimination are interconnected, once there will be no discrimination that means there is no patriarchy left in the society. It’s like conclusive evidence.
      And discrimination can only be removed once you support feminism.

      Once a man would start sharing household work and the workplace with a gender-neutral mindset, there will be no existence clashed, and that is being feminist in real sense.
      Thank you 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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